Module Description

Working from heights is a requirement for a number of industries. Whether you are an employee in the gas sector or an assistant in an agribusiness, the chances are you will at some stage undertake work from a height.

However, falls are a major hazard that can lead to serious injury and even death. Fall hazards are found in a number industries and includes undertakings such as working on a roof to accessing a silo. Even ground level work can include fall hazards, with holes, trenches and pits exposing workers to danger.

As such, workers need to have the right skills and experience to ensure that safety measures are not only in place but are also followed.

Why is a heights safety important?

When it comes to safety at heights, the benefits seem quite obvious. However, this has not stopped injuries and deaths from heights occurring.

For individuals in operational roles, which require them to work from a height, having the right skills and experience in safety at heights is essential. Whether you are in the construction, energy or mining sector, attending a heights course can make sure you do not replicate the behaviours that can lead to major injuries.

There are a number of factors that can influence the likelihood of an injury for those working from heights. Some of these can include a failure to plan adequately and poor risk assessment.

Course Material

Course material and assessment

Working at heights includes any job where there is a chance of you being injured by falling down from one level to another, like falling off a roof.

Any person who is working at heights needs training, clear work instructions and must use fall prevention and safety equipment.

In this module you will learn how to:

  • plan for working safely at heights
  • select, inspect and install safety equipment for working at heights
  • undertake the work to be performed at heights in a safe manner
  • understand the housekeeping requirements for working at heights