6 Ways you can Save Time & Money with Chorck

No Hardware Costs Chorck is a fully hosted solution. So no servers, ageing hardware or unpredictable costs.

No IT Staff Costs With Chorck being a Software as a Service (SaaS), your staff won't be burdened with the maintenance of another system.

Reduce Administration Costs Chorck’s automation allows for fewer errors and less administration of compliance management.

Reduced Staff Downtime Deliver your training courses online such as company or site inductions. Save on travel time & the risk associated with travelling for training, not to mention the time wasted in transit.

Reduce Staff Risk Chorck’s automated reminders ensure your staff are current with all the required certifications they need for the job. No more missed licence renewals!

Your Data is Safe. We take the security of your details very seriously. Chorck stores all data in a highly durable (99.999999999%) secure (Industry standard AES-256bit encryption) cloud environment.


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Generate a training matrix at the touch of a button, automated reminders for compliance renewals & view interactive reporting to get the information you need instantly. You can also export any generated report at the touch of a button.

Chorck's Digital Training Matrix

Create staff be entering their Name, Email, Position & Branch or bulk upload your staff via CSV or API.

 Add & Track your staff in Chorck

Capabilities allow your company’s training processes to be configured in Chorck. Capabilities can be used for positions, locations & any training requirements. Create a capability by applying the staff & courses. Select your company’s private courses or browse the Marketplace.

Chorck's Innovative Capabilities Feature

Upload & store staff certificates with our easy interface. Populate the Valid Dates to utilise Chorck’s renewal automation.

 Chorck Upload, Manage Certificates Online

Create & store an unlimited amount of training courses. Upload SCORM course & create assessments with the use of Chorck’s Spark Micro Learning tool to supplement existing training & knowledge retention. 

 Create a Course in Chorck

Have your staff upload their qualification certificates, approve or reject the qualifications via workflow & view in the compliance matrix. 

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