182 Worker Fatalities in 2016, That's Too Many!

182 workers died whilst doing their jobs in 2016, the number is decreasing year on year but it's still too high. Statistics show 35% of employers are worried about the risk of health and safety for their employees in the workplace. That's more than 1 in 3 employers and no wonder, keeping employees safe is crucial. Every employer wants their employees to not only feel safe, but be safe at work.

If you can imagine for a moment that your business is a house, you have security locks, security screens, smoke detectors and the likes, you ensure these items are in working order and the house is locked when it's unattended to prevent loss and destruction to the things you value. And when things do go wrong you have home & contents insurance to prevent loosing everything. 

Do you take the same care of your business? The irreplaceable things in your home, like photos, keep sakes and family heirlooms, cannot be replaced. Similarly your business's reputation or, even worse, an employee who's someone's loved one, partner, parent or child.

There is no easy solution to these problems however there are actions you can take in the right direction to ensure you have a streamlined training processes and are informed about your employee's capabilities and safety.

5 Tips to Improve Health Safety

Here are 5 tips to improve health and safety in your workplace.

  1. If you are still managing compliance in Excel you should move to a digital training matrix. An online skills training matrix shows all your staff details and their currently held qualifications as well as their qualifications that are due to expire and when with automated reminders. This skills training matrix should be accessible simultaneously to all key stakeholders within the business. Managers should have visibility over their teams and the ability to forecast upcoming training and renewals.

  2. You should be developing your internal company training content into online courses. If you have a manually run company induction then it’s time to move the theory element online, it’s the perfect first day activity to induct new employees into your company. Just think of the amount of time it takes to deliver a face to face induction course or any kind of training to a number of employees and across multiple locations. Stop wasting your time and money, develop the training online and purchase a learning management system to deliver the courses to your employees.

  3. You should be managing your staff’s certificates online in a cloud. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to move away from physical servers and filing cabinets. This is the best way to ensure your data is redundant. The certificates should be easily accessible, searchable and downloadable at the touch of a button. Historical certificate information should be stored online providing a watertight paper trail if an incident was to occur.

  4. You should be reporting your company compliance percentage on a daily basis. At any given moment you should be able to view a graph or report showing the compliance percentage along with forecasting future compliance percentages. It’s a well known fact that a measured indicator is easier to improve and an accurate and timely means of measuring provides employers the ability to drive their compliance percentage level in the right direction. A highly complainant workforce minimises risk and gives you peace of mind.

  5. You should have a formal online process for recognising new and existing employees externally achieved qualification and certificates. If you are asking your employees to print out or scan and email their certificates, this is an onerous task. Employees should be able to upload their certificates into a software solution to submit for approval. Employers should then be able to view the request to approve or decline in one easy step. Approved certificates should then be automatically stored against the qualification and staff member in the digital training matrix.

Improving health and safety within any organisation is challenging and requires change but the reward of implementing even just one of the above will make a huge difference for your employees and help you as an employer gain peace of mind. 

The team at Chorck is here to help, we are currently working with employers implementing the above initiatives. We'd love to hear what you think and the opportunity to help you achieve a safer workplace.