7 Reasons Why You Need Fire Training

Most of you will be familiar with the fire safety technique stop, drop and roll which is taught to children, a catchy purposeful strategy. However how many of us as adults know what to do in the event of fire?

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Fire Training is crucial if you work in an environment where there is a potential fire risks, if you’re a fire warden or you need to operate a fire extinguisher in an emergency but it is relevant to everyone.

Chorck, with the help of Harness Energy, has made available to everyone Fire Training. Here are seven reasons why you should undertake the course, and an outline of what is covered during the Fire Training course available in Chorck's Marketplace.

  1. In the event of a fire you must be able to identify the location, nature and extent of the fire and have the know how to evaluate and categorise the risks and hazards from the fire. 

  2. Knowing how to effectively communicate the fire emergency details, whether it be following company procedures, phoning emergency services and communicating details and warnings about the fire to workplace personnel/workers or bystanders.

  3. Knowledge to determining the fire attack and evacuation requirements, deciding whether it is safe to fight the fire, who will be involved in fighting the fire and who will execute the required evacuation.

  4. Understanding how to use and operate basic fire fighting equipment and learning how to identify and implement effective emergency procedures and response plans.

  5. Being aware of the workplace health and safety legislation, duty of care, Australian standards and industry-specific OHS/WHS/OAHS standards and guidelines.

  6. Fire fighting is a dangerous task and being prepared with the required personal protective clothing and equipment is essentially for safety.

  7. Having the appropriate understanding of which extinguishing agent to use and when, how to isolate a fire and the procedures to operate the extinguishing agents.

The Fire Training course is available free of charge in Chorck’s Marketplace. The course will teach you the above skills and more, so why not invest the time and update your knowledge today?