Are you Ready for the Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Laws?

New primary duty laws are coming into effect on the 1st October 2018 with amendments to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

This will now see that all parties in the heavy vehicle transports supply chain have a duty to ensure safety over their transport activities.

Copy of CoR Article 5

From the 1st of October all parties will be responsible and obligated for eliminating and minimising risk by ensuring reasonable practicable safety is ensured.

The new laws will see all roles within supply chain held responsible. These parties include:

  • employers of drivers
  • prime contractors for a vehicle if the vehicle's driver is self-employed
  • operators of the vehicle
  • schedulers for the vehicle
  • loading managers for any goods in the vehicle
  • loaders and/or unloaders of a vehicle
  • consignors of any goods for transport in the vehicle
  • consignees of any goods in the vehicle
  • loaders and/or unloaders of any goods in the vehicle 

In summary the new laws recognise that multiple parties may be responsible in relation to offences committed by drivers and operators of heavy vehicles.

The law will now hold persons legally liable for their actions or inactions and see persons recognised as a party in more than one way.

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The eLearning course is based on the national unit of competency TLIF0001 Apply Chain of Responsibility Legislation, Regulations and Workplace Procedures.

The course covers the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) features in the Heavy National Law and Regulations, applying the CoR requirements and identifying and reporting CoR breaches.

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