Chorck's Microlearning Tool: The Forgetting Curve

The Forgetting Curve

When we learn new skills and information there is natural memory loss overtime. Our retention of the information learnt in the week to follow shows a steady decrease and the amount of knowledge retained by the brain after 7 days can be shown to drop below 20% as shown in the below diagram.

The Forgetting Curve


Why is this relevant? 

When you learn new skills or participate in a training course of any kind, you naturally expect to retain the information learnt and you expect what is learnt to be useful long after the learning has finished. Realising that your knowledge retention can drop to as little as 10% is eye opening.


Combating the Forgetting Curve

Chorck's assessment creation allows for continued learning and development long after the training course assessment has been completed. Chorck uses an intelligent equation sequence to send questions via email to the learner at intervals that gradually increase as time goes on.

Extensive research and testing has taken place to derive the best possible sequence, ensuring the emails are sent at a specific time which boosts engagement. The algorithm also preferences the content where the learner needs the most improvement. 

If a person is reminded of the learnt content as illustrated in the below diagram they commit more of the information to their long term memory. Chorck's microlearning tool sends the learner questions, forcing the person to revise the content they recently learnt and regardless of them answering correctly or incorrectly, they are provided the correct answer helping to reinforces the retention of knowledge. 


combating the forgetting curve3 


Using this form of assessment for training courses makes the learning experience more interactive, which in turn improves the engagement of learners. Improving the learner experience and ensuring increased knowledge retention is a powerful way to enhance training and learning outcomes. 

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