Customer Success Story: Benefits of a Digitalised Training Matrix

One of Chorck's valued customers is an Australian based infrastructure maintenance service company. In 2017 they were in the market, looking for a cloud software solution to digitise their training matrix and support online certificate management

We felt their journey with Chorck warranted a case study to inspire other companies in the infrastructure, maintenance service industries and other companies who are looking for an online solution to solve their training matrix and online certificate management challenges. 

Our customer specialises in delivering water, sewerage and infrastructure maintenance services and have over 300 staff and contractors who require specialised and compliance regulated training and qualifications. 


Chorck demonstrated their ability to deliver what we have asked for and provided a much quicker turnaround of a solution than what the market had previously offered us 1


The Customer’s Pain Points

They needed a smarter way to ensure their staff could complete the job safely and efficiently. Managing their staff training, safety and compliance information with an excel spreadsheet training matrix had become an onerous task.

They wanted to achieve a digital training matrix, easy visibility for their safety team and supervisors to access and run reports from the training matrix and overcome the difficulties they were facing around having a large number of staff with thousands of certificates to keep track of.


The Customer’s Expectations and Requirements

At the initial consultation, the customer mentioned they were looking for a lighter, simpler more cost effective solution with no lengthy period of configuration, setup and installation.

Initially another software solution had been purchased to digitise the training matrix and better plan project deployments, promotions and direction.

The previous software solution was cancelled after after 9 month of failed delivery and lack of progress. Having already wasted 9 months they required a solution to be effective immediately.

Chorck's custom design specifically addressed their training matrix requirements and they were able to start using the solution immediately.

The Chorck team worked closely to understand the customers issues and needs. Chorck also added a new custom query tool allowing the safety team and supervisors the ability to report and run queries on their staff’s qualifications for project planning.


The Customer’s Results

Within three months of signup the customer had migrated over 50% of their training records into Chorck and at five months more than 90%, over 2000 including historical records.

Within 6 months the customer delivered in-house training to their supervisors on how to use the solution to manage their teams training matrix and compliance.

The supervisors were shocked by the compliance level results, they’d previously had no way of easily reporting and didn’t realise how many of their staff's qualifications had expired.

The safety team and supervisors are using Chorck’s easy reporting to drive their compliance levels and are seeing a steady increase in the companies overall compliance percentage.

The query tool helped better plan their project deployments and they are impressed with Chorck’s responsiveness to new ideas, implementation of requested features and having questions answered within the same day.