Customer Success Story: The Benefits of Delivering Online Inductions

A Chorck Case Study on the benefits and ease experienced by our customer in delivering online inductions to all employees and contractors who attend site.


The Customer

An international retailing brand who specialises in food distribution and cold storage, with multiple brands and subsidiaries was needing a means of delivering online inductions to all staff and contractors prior to their entry onto the company's premises. 


The Customer’s Pain Points

The main pain point stressed by the customer was the need for a simple, easy and affordable software solution to deliver online inductions for all staff and contractors especially the truck drivers delivering to site.

The customer wanted an efficient way to ensure retraining was done by all staff whilst providing a means of delivering the training, easily enrolling individuals in the required courses and keeping track of the course attendance, pass rates and reporting on outstanding training requirements.

The third challenge the customer was facing was having the necessary data evidence for auditing purposes and being able to easily access the required information in a timely and useful fashion.


The Customer’s Expectations and Requirements

An all in one secure, redundant and user friendly solution that proposed low risk, an affordable price and minimal disruption to the organisation. 

Manually delivering powerpoint presentation inductions was full of challenges and limitations, the customer’s expectation was to save them time and the requirement was to deliver interactive online inductions. 

The Chorck team worked closely with the customer to help organise their company induction to be created into an interactive SCORM course which enabled the staff and contractor inductions to be delivered online via the Chorck platform.


The Customer’s Results

The customer is now delivering their online interactive SCORM induction course to staff and contractors with ease. They are impressed with the software solution and are enjoying the benefits of not having to manually deliver courses.

They are steadily working towards their goal of ensuring all staff and contractors onsite have been fully inducted online before attending the site.

6 months after implementation of the Chorck solution, the majority of their staff have completed the online induction and they are now focusing on the contractors.

The customer is reaping the benefits of having information available and the ease of reporting. The company's key stakeholders are sleeping much better at night knowing if they are audited or an incident does occur that they have reliable records and peace of mind that their staff and contractors are up to date with their training.