Feature: Convert your presentations and handouts to online courses

We've all been there. Sitting in a classroom looking at a presentation, mind wandering about anything except what's being taught.

As the manager in charge of on-boarding the new staff to ensure they are safe in your workplace, following the rules and generally upholding your company's values, it can be quite challenging to present and ensure knowledge retention when all you have is a PowerPoint. Remote staff present a whole other problem, more often than not not getting any training at all.

If you're in this boat you'll be pleased to know that we've now added the ability for you to upload pdfs, docx and pptx files into Chorck and have them automatically converted into a course that you can track.

And of course our assessment tool allows you to quickly create assessments with single choice and multiple choice questions that are automatically marked, as well as integrated microlearning to ensure knowledge retention.

If you'd like a demonstration of this feature, creating an assessment or microlearning, please contact our team at contact@chorck.com.