Feature: Introducing Capabilities Reporting

Introducing Chorck's new Capabilities Reporting feature:

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Chorck now offers you the ability to report historically and via the training matrix using Chorck's Capabilities.

With this additional feature you can access fine grain reporting complimentary to the way your company operates and manages their staff. 

Viewing a staff members individual training requirement is time consuming, error prone and not the ideal way businesses manage their staff's training requirements. 

Chorck Capabilities allow you to select and view groups of staff by training requirements. You can setup Capabilities for training requirements based on location, position, role, promotion path and to suit your companies specific requirements. 

Ahead of this feature release Chorck's training matrix produced reports and graphs for individuals and groups of individuals, including sorting by their locations and positions.

Using the new Capabilities Reporting feature give you access to an advanced level of filtering for reporting and graphs, creating a faster & more detailed search and reporting functionality.

If you’d like a demonstration of this feature please contact our customer success team.