Social Media Expectations vs Reality

In this day and age, if you’re not on social media, you are well and truly behind the times, connecting online is quickly becoming the preferred way of communication around the world.  

Social media since it was introduced has shaken up the business world considerably. Clubs, pubs and even live music venues are on the decline due to applications like Tinder, which are changing the way people meet their significant other so much so that no one meets in bars anymore.

Businesses of today are utilising social media as a sales channel, for customer success, customer support and complaints along with marketing, lots of marketing.

Social Media Safe

When only a few years ago businesses were banning their employees from using applications like Facebook on company devices, today those same businesses are employing people to manage their social media presence and are conducting business activities via social media.


Expectations vs Reality

There are many misconseptions and grey areas surrounding the social media world. I'd like to address some of theses areas and point out how you can take your business to the next level in an informed and purposeful way with use of social media. 


Is Social Media Safe & Secure?

Social media safety & security is one of those grey areas and one that concerns many business owners. Social media is portrayed as being safe and secure, however there are still many reports of bullying and issues surrounding whether it is safe for the teenage demographic as well as fraud and hacking still being prevalent.

Social media applications do adhere to terms and conditions, which I strongly urge you to view both from a personal stance as well as a business perspective, it is never too late to change your privacy settings and if you haven't already, I strongly urge you to switch on two factor authentication. 

The Chorck Marketplace has recently released a course on Social Media Awareness, a highly recommended course for all individuals and businesses using social media. The course highlights social media mishaps, educates about catfishing, recommends the use of two factor authentications and covers many more key topics. 

The Social Media Awareness course also highlights key information about why it is necessary to have a Social Media Policy in your business and how social media related incidents involving employees can be managed. Social media can be safe and secure if it's used correctly by educated individuals.


Is Social Media Worth While for my Business? 

Businesses often underestimate the time required to setup and manage social media. The common expectation is gaining followers and reaching your target market is stupidly simple and all that is needed is great branding, some well written articles and a catchy advertisement.

Sadly this isn't always the case but that doesn't mean it's not a good use of time and money. A great way to increase the chances of being successful is to implement a Social Media Plan and/or Strategy. 

The Australian Govenment has made available a Social Media Plan Template and Guide, a fantastic resource offering tips to create a social media budget, conduct social media analysis and provides social media tips and resources for businesses. 

A social media strategy describes how your business will use social media to achieve its communications goals and the social platform and tools to achieve this, by developing a social media strategy you're able to create compelling content, engage your customers and generate sales. 

In reality social media is an awesome business tool, the better you understand your business goals and the clearer you are on what you trying to achieve the better your social media results will be. Throw in the right team of employees with current skills and social media poses an unlimited opportunity to take your business to the next level.