What is a Staff Training Matrix?

A training matrix can also be known as a skills or compliance matrix, either way it’s a table listing all staff, their job role requirements and achieved qualifications in an organisation.

A matrix shows each staff members obtained, current and expired qualifications, and any gaps in training and compliance requirements.

How is a Staff Training Matrix Used?

It’s the managers and supervisors role to utilise the training matrix to observe and measure their own teams attributes ensuring all staff have the required qualifications and skills to perform their job and tasks safely.

A training matrix is the source of truth to show any gaps between required and actual knowledge levels making it an important resource tool for safety personnel and managers to plan and communicate the companies training needs.

The training matrix records qualification expiration dates, retraining and refresher course requirements, allowing forecasting of future training needs.

Why is having a Digital Staff Training Matrix Important?

A basic training matrix is a requirement across most companies however the extent of how it is used and who it’s used by is not universal.

Leading companies are digitising their training matrixes to report company wide on compliance level percentages. Providing their managers and supervisors access to a live online digital training matrix to track and report on their own teams.

The managers and supervisors of these companies are proactively monitoring their staff’s compliance levels, forecasting future training and retraining requirements based on gaps shown by reports and queries run from the live digital training matrix.

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Utilising and unlocking key data and information that has always been stored in a training matrix is now easier than ever. Allowing all key stakeholders within a company access to live and relevant data is a reality. 

Chorck’s purpose built software solution helps companies digitise their training matrix. Please reach out if you like more information or meet with our friendly team for a live demonstration.


Digitise your Training Matrix